Saving money while saving the planet- by harnessing the power of the sun. 

Why Solar?


Do You Qualify for Solar?

Yes or No to this simple check list to find out: 

  • Do you own your Own home?​

  • Does your roof get a good amount of sunlight?

  • Is your Roof in generally good Conditions? (i.e. no Leaks or visible damage)

  • Would you like to pay a lot less for your power from now on?


If you answered YES to all of these questions, there's a good chance you qualify to make the switch to solar energy!

Your next step is to give one of our friendly energy experts a call to determine your total energy usage and set up a free in-home appointment.

Lower Your Bill 

Imperium Offers clients a way to save on their utility bill, BIG TIME! Some customers have even been able to cut their summer A/C bill in half! Contact us to see if you qualify for $0 down solar!

Lock In Your Rates

As utility rates continue to rise each year, a fixed solar rate will help simplify your budget. Did you also know you can sell power back to your utility, in return for credits on your power bill? Ask us if net metering is available in your area!

Going Green

Most people agree that our world’s air pollution is unhealthy. Traditional utility energy production is a major offender in contributing to the earth’s air pollution. Solar energy is one way to reduce these dirty emissions.


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Our Top Qaulity Brands

In collaboration with our certified partner network, Imperium helps homeowners get solar energy that is perfect for their home and lifestyle. SunPower solar panels consistently deliver more energy and long-term peace of mind with the highest performing solar power systems available. 

Referral Bonuses

If you are already one of our happy customers, and you introduce us to a family/friend that we can help go solar, we will give you $1,000 upon their installation!

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Greg W. (Sun City, AZ)

"I was really skeptical at first because I haven't learned much about solar. Moe did a great job at educating us on the process and now we have a $13 power bill!"


Randy B (Plainfield, IL) 

"Thought solar was a scam. It's not, it actually works. Imperium made the process super easy to understand. Very professional. No brainer"


Wendy C. (Bolingbrook, IL)

"We didn't know whether to own or lease, but Moe from Imperium Power explained both options to us very well, and now we own our system. We got a $8500 tax credit plus a really nice state incentive!" 


Max G  (Surprise, AZ)

"Our power bill was $250 in the summer. Now APS is buying power from us! Big time savings and income. Solar was the best decision we made. It sure is the future! 

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Our goal is to see if you qualify to go solar for $0 down.

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