Our Testimonials


Greg W. (Sun City, AZ)

"I was really skeptical at first because I haven't learned much about solar. Moe did a great job at educating us on the process and now we have a $13 power bill!"


Randy B (Plainfield, IL) 

"Thought solar was a scam. It's not, it actually works. Imperium made the process super easy to understand. Very professional. No brainer"


Wendy C. (Bolingbrook, IL)

"We didn't know whether to own or lease, but Moe from Imperium Power explained both options to us very well, and now we own our system. We got a $8500 tax credit plus a really nice state incentive!" 


Max G  (Surprise, AZ)

"Our power bill was $250 in the summer. Now APS is buying power from us! Big time savings and income. Solar was the best decision we made. It sure is the future!